Samsung Galaxy S5 Promotion Codes

Samsung continues to dominate the Android market, even though some say that the Samsung Galaxy S5 isn’t all that different from its predecessors. Regardless, the S5 is definitely a phone worth checking out; it performs well, looks good and has enough bells and whistles and creative new additions to grab your attention.
The retail price starts at $600 however you can get it for just $99.99 with a promotional code for Verizon Wireless.

Samsung Galaxy S5Part of the draw of the S5 is the smooth and easy user experience and features that are based more on dependable, innovative, intelligent upgrades instead of just flashy add ons. It’s all about refinement and ease of use with the Galaxy S5.

Easy Grip Design
There’s something to be said for a design that makes the S5 Galaxy easy to grip instead of the slippery feel of other phones. By today’s standards the S5 is considered compact and most users appreciate the fact that it’s thinner, shorter, and lighter, yet has a slightly larger screen area in comparison to the One M8.

One of the coolest features of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is that fact that it’s waterproof. The S5 is IP6 -certified, meaning that it can be submerged in up to a meter of water for as long as 30 minutes.

Samsung is known for their exceptional smartphone cameras and the S5’s 16mp camera with LED flash comes with a few great new features including photo editing options that gives their user’s photos extra pizzazz. Samsung’s latest smartphone also comes with a new and improved Autofocus feature. In addition, the smartphone’s new Selective Focus feature makes it possible for user’s to choose which area in a picture they want to focus on and with a tap of the screen; the photo will have a professional look.

Heart Rate Monitor
The Samsung Galaxy S5 for Verizon Wireless comes with the first ever heart rate monitor, built right into the phone; this, along with the phone’s S Health app, makes it easy for user’s to track their health and fitness goals, right from their smartphone.

Download Booster
Most of the Samsung Galaxy S5’s come with the Download Booster, a new feature that increases its speed (impressively), combining the power of WiFi, LTE and Grayskull to support downloading large files much faster. This feature is particularly useful if you’re attempting to load a YouTube video, install an app, or save a movie one of your friends shared with you online.

Samsung Galaxy S5 CameraPros
Samsung’s Galaxy S5 exceeds expectation, especially when it comes to components that matter. What’s not to love about Android 4.4 KitKat OS; a beautiful, bright display, its super fast quad core processor, an outstanding camera experience and the fact that it’s waterproof? Users also appreciate all the effort Samsung’s has put into streamlining its custom interface and the reduction of annoying, pre-installed bloatware.

Some expected more of an upgrade with the Galaxy S5 and some find the fingerprint scanner feature a bit complicated to use. Some consumers have complained that the phone is a bit pricier in their locations, but when you add in the slight but impressive improvements, the “con’s are actually insignificant if you’re partial to Samsung smartphones.

Some of the Samsung Galaxy S5’s Top Features Include:

  • A great display
  • Improved design and waterproof casing
  • Daylight images are up to par with the competition’s phones
  • Faster access with the secure fingerprint scanner
  • Heart rate monitor
  • S HEALTH integrated mobile health partner
  • Professional quality camera (16MP) with faster focus capability
  • Samsung smart switch that makes it easy to transfer your content to a new device
  • Great battery life

This Promotion is for a Limited Time Only
The Samsung Galaxy S5 is smartly refined and improved and remains a superior smartphone in every sense; it’s one of the best phones of the year. Take advantage the low price from Verizon Wireless while the coupon code is still valid.

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